PVD Hanging Fixture

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Make your products more perfect with PVD hangers! PVD Hanging Fixture is an advanced assembly tool that can vaporize material onto the workpiece surface through high voltage, high density arc to form a uniform, dense, durable protective layer. The use of PVD fixtures can improve product quality, enhance wear and corrosion resistance, thereby extending product life. Our PVD fixtures are made of high quality materials and are produced and tested in strict accordance with international standards to ensure high quality and reliability. At the same time, we can also customize different specifications and materials according to customer needs, to meet the diversified needs of customers.

Our PVD Hanging Fixture service customer groups: Huawei, Foxconn. Hisense, LG, Pegatron, Apple, process technology: precision CNC parts, precision stamping parts, precision hardware parts, precision gold laser, precision welding parts, precision electronic parts die cutting parts, precision cutting mold, professional manufacturing factory. We have obtained various certificates such as iso9001 CE certification, product safety and high quality, with export qualifications, is a direct sales factory, has its own factory, and has been operating for many years. The company has always been adhering to the "integrity, quality, service, win-win" business philosophy, to provide domestic and foreign customers with reasonable prices, quality meet the requirements of the products, dedicated to customer service, hand in hand, common growth, to achieve win-win cooperation.

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  • We have experienced designers and engineers, according to your needs and ideas, to produce a pvd electroplating magic frame design and processing that meets your requirements. Whether you need magic racks of all shapes, sizes and colors, we can meet your needs. Our pvd electroplating magic frame design and processing can not only protect your products, but also improve the added value of products, so that your products are more refined and perfect. Our products can not only be used in the Chinese market, but also exported to the rest of the world.

  • Our PVD Vacuum Coating C-Type Fixture Processing quality is reliable, reasonable price, welcome to draw to sample customization.

  • pvd vacuum coating V-type hanger processing, not only can improve the durability, stability and beauty of the product, but also can be customized according to customer requirements to meet different needs. We have a professional team and advanced production equipment, can ensure that in the shortest time to complete the production, and strictly in accordance with the quality control system quality control, to ensure that every product meets the standards. Come and contact us, let us provide you with the best service!

  • You can rest assured to buy PVD Vacuum Coating Fixture Design And Processing from our factory. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, vacuum coating technology has been widely used in various fields, of which pvd vacuum coating fixture design and processing is a very common application. The surface treatment of the workpiece by vacuum coating technology can improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and other properties of the workpiece, so as to improve the service life and quality of the workpiece.

  • You can rest assured to buy PVD Electroplated Pendant Processing from our factory. Professional pvd electroplating pendant processing plant, can design and manufacture pvd electroplating pendant for mobile watches. Our products are of excellent quality, advanced technology and affordable price, which are favored by our customers. If you need, welcome to inquire

  • We provide you with professional mobile phone manufacturer PVD vacuum coating fixture processing services. Our PVD vacuum coating fixture machining is specially designed for mobile phones to enhance the aesthetics and durability of mobile phones. Our processing process uses the most advanced technology to ensure the perfection and stability of the mobile phone coating.

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